Tuesday, 9 September 2014

How Andrea died in the walking dead?

Andrea is an imaginary creature from the mag series The Walking Dead and is delineated by Laurie Holden within the yank TV series of identical name, that airs on AMC within the USA. Generally folks raise regarding her death. Thus here is that the answer however she died?

Basically the governor tells John Milton to kill Andrea with the knife he Lententide him. As Milton approaches Andrea ( whom is busy within the torture chair) he slowly walks up to her however shortly from the governor Milton turns quickly and tries to stab the governor, however the governor turns grabs the knife and stabs John Milton within the abdomen. As then the governor leaves the {area} with a wounded John Milton close to the doorway and turns in a while therefore biting Andrea on the shoulder-neck area. Rick, Daryl, and Michonne notice Andrea in a while with a fever, they shortly resolve she had been bitten thus Rick hands her his Python Revolver and leaves the area with Michonne staying within. Then you hear a gun shot.